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How to choose a chauffeured service?

Transportation has always been an essential part of our daily life. It not only makes our life easier but also helps in getting things faster. The most common mode of transportation in todayís life is cab services or chauffeured services. It enables us to arrange our own transportation when we canít relay on others.


Whether you are on a business tour or for a city tour, the best way to avail comfortable and hassle free journey is to hire a car services or chauffeured services. But the point lies in selection of reliable chauffeured services. So, how to choose a good car rental service in town?


Being a leading agency of car rental in Kolkata, we are sharing few essential tips regarding how to choose a fleet service. So, before you get into any business of hiring a car for yourself, just follow these vital things:


1. Customerís Review: An effective way to judge these services is through their customerís feedback. But donít relay only on reviews from digital media only, try to collect reviews from some reliable source. If you canít get any, then you can ask for reviews through social media like Facebook. I believe that it is more trustworthy than any personal website.


2. Availability of newer cars with low mileage, location, and rates are among the major factors that determine whether the car rental company is good or not.


3. Donít go after the cheapest rate by overlooking other essential factors. In most of such cases, these companies often charge you with some hidden cost after you have the car. A lot of companies will do whatever they can to make a few extra bucks, you must be aware of such company's guidelines so that you do not have some random hidden fees creep up on you. So before you hire any cheap chauffeured service, just let it confirm about their billing process and whether they do have any hidden charges or not.


4. If budget is not your problem, then it is advisable to opt reputed chauffeured services. Though they often charges a few bucks more than the other chauffeured services in town, but they can provide you the ultimate comfort without any complain.



Lastly, I would like to say that the choice is always yours but with a little research about car rental companies available in town can ensure best rates, service and overall experience
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