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Things to watch out on rental cars

Whether you are on a holiday or in any regular tour, you always plan to hire a car to city travel. But, while doing so we often get trapped into the clutches of some unusual circumstances or problems. In most of the cases, such problems can be avoidable if we carefully select the rental cars.


So, before you decide to drive off in a rented car just follow these steps.


a) Check the Pricing or Billing charges: In most of cases, agency claims pricing to be inclusive, but often a number of items and services are kept hidden are remain exclusive.
For example:
1. Including additional drivers for long tours.
2. No distance limit
3. Using the car after business hours
4. Returning the vehicle from a point other than pick up point etc.


b) Check your security deposit: Do ensure that whatever the money you are paying as a security deposit, will be deducted from your final price. Sometimes, few agencies charges separately which remains hidden and appears as a separate charge on your credit card bill.


c) Check the contract if any: Have a clear idea about your right and obligations. If you are getting into any contract, then read the document carefully before signing it. Donít hesitate to ask about anything you canít understand. Few major policies that are widely used in car rental contracts are:
1. Fuel policy: In case you donít return a car with full tank fuel.
2. Insurance policy for car and drivers who intended to drive the car.
3. Car breakdown policy
4. Car returning policy
5. Cancellation policy


d) When you pick up and return the car, make sure you get a written confirmation about any damage if exist within the car by the concern rental company before driving it. You should also do this when you drop the car off to confirm that no damage occurred while you had the car.


e) Check the insurance: Always make sure that the insurance is adequate enough for your needs and check if you will have to pay any excess in the event of something going wrong.


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